My adventures in clay began almost twenty years ago when I enrolled in a beginning ceramics course. From the very start, I was drawn to the tactility of clay as well as its rich possibilities for creating unique and varying forms. Though my explorations in clay have taken me down many interesting roads, I am currently focused on exploring natural patterns, such as roots, branches, or the meandering paths of a river.

I am drawn to ceramics primarily for the sense of connection it gives me to something larger than myself. There is something intensely magical about taking a raw piece of earth, forming it into a new shape, then firing it into semi-permanence. Through my work in ceramics, I feel as if I am able to participate (in an extremely small way) in the long geologic history of the earth itself and its natural processes. I hope, through my work, to evoke some sense of the wonder of these processes and the world to which they have given birth.